Bring Your Own Device Program

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, refers to the School District’s program that allows students to use a personal electronic device for academic work as directed by a teacher.

A wireless network at the High School and Middle School makes the program possible.


Norwin High School students use iPads to study angles -- even angles made with arms outstretched -- in Mrs. Angela Knipple’s geometry classroom.

It is driven by the belief that 21st Century learning requires school districts to provide real-world experiences for their students.

Because modern smartphones are basically small computers, they can be used for education in many ways. Some potential uses include:

·        Connecting to the Internet for research and reference

·        Taking notes in class

·        Acting as a student response system (like a “clicker”) to respond
         to polls/quizzes
in class

·        Running educational apps

·        Watching streaming educational videos

·        Recording vocabulary or foreign language dictation practice