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In class, students will create an account for SmartMusic.  This will be what we use for playing tests, there is no fee for students.  There is a home option for you, you can purchase a SmartMusic student subscription for $40 a year.  If you choose to purchase this for your student, have them use the same log in information (norwinsd.org e-mail and network password) so it can connect to our coursework.  The $40 subscription will allow students access to countless method books, solos, sight reading exercises and more.  They will be able to practice most of their school music using the software.  You just need to click on the link below and download directly to your computer/ipad to access.  If you have any questions, please let me know! 


Instrument Care:

Woodwinds- Woodwinds should either be using a swab (cloth with a  string or large “fuzzy” that fits inside the instrument) to remove any moisture after playing.  Clarinets and Saxophones should have cork grease to keep the corks easy to move (although they may find that the corks are starting to wear thin after two years.  In this case, when they start to fall off, they need replaced).  Flutes should never use any type of grease to make it easier to connect the pieces of their flute.  If it is hard to put together, just cleaning the ends with rubbing alcohol does wonders! 

Brass- Trumpets and Baritones need valve oil and should use it before playing, trombones need some type of slide grease and should also use before playing (you should never hear a metal against metal sound), horns should use rotor oil on their instrument.  All slides on the brass instruments should move freely, if not, I have slide grease for the tuning slides in my room.  If a tuning slide is totally frozen, then a repair shop would need to fix that.  Students should give their brass instruments a “bath” about once a month to remove any leftover particles in the instrument.  Students should take special care not to do anything that would cause a dent or ding in the instrument and never drop their mouthpiece, because it can also dent badly.

Percussion- For percussion kits at home, when putting together and taking apart, nothing should ever be forced.  Percussion students need a pair of snare sticks for school.  Students may also opt to get a stick bag to hold their snare sticks and any other mallets they may get in the future.

Activity period:


The schedule will look like this:


Day one and two: Norwin Middle School Jazz Band

Day three: 7th Grade Band

Day four: 8th Grade Band

Day five and six: Norwin Middle School Wind Ensemble


Practice records:


Practice records are collected and graded every day 3/6.  Students should record their name, date of assignment, the title of the band piece they have practiced and the range of measures they have mastered.  This record is worth 5 points.  Students receive all 5 points for submitting this assignment.  If you need a copy, please see Skyward, I attach the file to all assignments.  There is a copy also located under "Important Documents" in Mrs. Bilott's web page.


Norwin Middle School Band is on Facebook!


Norwin Middle School band is on Facebook!  If you would like to receive updates, information and more on Facebook, search "Norwin Middle School Band" and "like" us!  It is updated a few times a week.


Jazz Band:


Jazz band sign ups will begin on the first day of school.  Permission slips are due by Friday, September 4th.  A copy can be found on Mrs. Bilott's web page AND attached to a Skyward message. Auditions will occurs after Labor day. Jazz band includes: all saxophones, trombone, trumpet, percussion (set and mallets), guitar, bass and piano. Jazz band will rehearse every Wednesday starting at 7:30AM.  We will take a short break so students may check in to homerooms and then return to rehearsal.  Jazz band will perform at both Middle School Band Concerts and the High School Jazz Concert in May.  See Mrs. Bilott for the official letter.

Play it forward news:

Just a reminder that if your child in a Norwin School’s instrumental program, grades 5 – 12, and interested in taking private music lessons, subsidies are available.  Priority is given to students with financial need – but need is measured in different ways.  Some examples:  Students have received supplements when their parent is employed seasonally, when a parent is between jobs, or qualifies for the free/reduced lunch program.  Subsidies vary based upon need.  In addition, the Fund has budgeted for ten music camp grants this summer at $300 apiece.  Students last year attended Music for All’s Summer Symposium in Ball State University, Penn State University music camp, and Duquesne University’s guitar and jazz camps.  $300 covers almost half of the cost to attend Summer Symposium.  Students need only be motivated and have a willingness to play it forward in support of their respective program. 

To apply for subsidized or free lessons or a camp grant, your child should see me for the appropriate application. 






















































































































































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