High School AP Environmental Science Class Stream Study
Norwin High School students in Mrs. Joyce Muchoney’s AP Environmental Science class visited Tinker’s Run Park to conduct water quality testing during an all-day field trip on October 9, 2014. 

Teams of students tested five sites along the creek, studying for pH level, nitrate levels, phosphate levels, water temperature, and turbidity. These factors are interrelated and indicate the capability of an ecosystem to support wildlife.  They discovered that the overall water quality is good. The stream study is a vital experience for those students planning to pursue college courses in environmental science. This type of testing is very reflective of the types of field experiences that they can later expect.  

Students were engaged and excited to be outdoors doing advanced scientific inquiry, and afterwards, students remarked that they were surprised at the high quality of the water, and that it was a good experience in preparation for college. Throughout the course, students explore the relationship between ecosystem health and biodiversity.  A healthy ecosystem with high biodiversity functions better and requires fewer human interventions and maintenance.