Elementary STEM Days 2013
Norwin students in the four Elementary Schools and Hillcrest Intermediate School learned about careers in science, technology, engineering, and math at a series of spring “STEM Days” events.

STEM Lead teachers from Hahntown, Hillcrest Intermediate, Sheridan Terrace, Stewartsville, and Sunset Valley organized the events to help students make a connection to daily jobs and to see how science, technology, engineering, and math are used within those jobs. The STEM Lead teachers coordinate science, math, and related teaching in each of the schools. Numerous parent and community volunteers gave their time to make “STEM Days” a success.
Below is a slideshow. ALSO: Scroll down below the slideshow to read brief highlights about each school’s STEM Day activities, as well as hyperlinks to more information.

Summaries of each school's STEM Day Events

Hahntown Elementary on May 21, a manager at the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, Mr. Dave Driggers, presented what his company does for the Navy and helped the students perform a hands-on demo on the use of ultrasounds to find defects in metal. Carly Pavlovich, a Target pharmacist, made compounds with students by measuring ingredients in graduated cylinders. A full list of activities and presenters is available here. Hahntown’s event was under the direction of STEM Lead Teacher Mrs. Jamie DePew.

At Hillcrest Intermediate School, fifth-grade students experienced 15 stations that emphasized inquiry-based learning at the second-annual STEM Days event, which was held on May 2 and May 3, 2013. Each station taught children the answer to those ever-present “Why” questions. Parent volunteers and four High School students made the event possible. Activities included Parabolic Curve, Stacking Nickels, Power of Magnets, Domino Rally, and K-Nex. At one of the stations, students videotaped themselves answering questions about the meaning of STEM Education. Hillcrest Intermediate School teacher Mr. Nick Fallone assembled the video. Click here to view the video. Hillcrest Intermediate School's STEM Days were under the direction of a team of teachers led by Mrs. Paula Giran.
At Sheridan Terrace on May 16, a Seton Hill mathematics professor explored codes and cryptography, a physician demonstrated how heart valves and chambers function, physical therapists shared how they use science and technology, a technician combined his hobby (model trains) with computer programming, and engineers explored energy, medical equipment, and electrical circuitry with students. Sheridan Terrace’s event was under the direction of STEM Lead Teacher Mrs. Judith Zindren. A full listing of presenters and companies is available here.
At Stewartsville on April 19, and under the direction of STEM Lead Teacher Mrs. Trisha Brunazzi, college students from Pitt, an engineering professor from Carnegie Mellon, and many professionals who are parents of students provided interactive activities with students. Examples included FBI special agents working with financial fraud, an engineering student teaching waveforms at the signal level using a guitar, a structural engineer teaching how to build bridge trusses out of snacks, a radiation scavenger hunt with a Geiger-Muller counter, a medical equipment technician who defibrillated a hot dog, and many more. Here is a full listing. 
At Sunset Valley on April 26, under the direction of STEM Lead Teacher Mrs. Karyl Morrison, students performed activities with a radiological engineer, learned about inventions and patent law, heard from a forensic science teacher, learned about aircraft and locomotive engineer, met a graphic design artist, and saw a speech and language therapist demonstrate assistive devices. They also met a voice-activated software engineer, learned about music and sound engineering, and met several biology and science college-level teachers and professors. A graphic designer who presented to third-grade students, Mr. Kevin Fear, sponsored a contest for designing a logo. Mr. Fear transformed the winning student’s (Ben Daum’s) drawing into a poster and gave a copy to the student to keep and one to display at Sunset. Click here for a list of presenters.