The Gettysburg-Norwin Quiz


The person who is encircled at left was a Civil War re-enactor when he was younger. He and his friends gave talks about the Civil War at history festivals, at their middle school, and at the Old Stone House near Butler, Pa.

They also traveled to several re-enactments on the east coast. The picture at left was taken during the re-enactment of New Market, Virginia. In this battle, the Cadets of Virginia Military Institute supported the Confederate troops until the Union lines withdrew in May of 1864.

This photo of the re-enactment was taken by the person’s father in 1988. Their unit was the 11th PA Volunteers. He is now a Norwin administrator. Who is this individual?

In 1991, at a 175th Community Celebration, the individual in the photograph at right portrayed General Samuel McCartney Jackson, a Civil War veteran who achieved distinction in civic and business affairs as well as in military and political life.
Captain Jackson moved through the ranks of Lt. Colonel, Colonel, and General, having actively served in such battles at Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Gettysburg.
He was part of Company G, or the Independent Blues, of the 11th Pennsylvania Reserves. In the photo at right, the individual is sporting a real beard. Today, this person is a Norwin administrator.

Who is this individual?