The Speech & Language Support Program assists students whose classroom performance is affected by speech and/or language difficulties.
The following areas are addressed in the program:
Apraxia: difficulty sequencing and saying sounds, syllables, and words.
Articulation: the production of sounds.
Auditory Processing: reduced ability to discriminate, recognize or comprehend complex sounds, although the student has normal hearing.
Fluency or stuttering: an interruption of the flow of speech.
Language: the use or interpretation of the symbols of speech. This includes vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, etc.
Social Language or pragmatics: difficulty using language to communicate in social settings. Ex. Turn taking, eye contact, interpreting emotions.
Voice: a problem with the quality of voice. Ex. Raspiness, breathiness, excessive or diminished loudness

How is my child placed into the Speech & Language Support Program?

The Speech Language Pathologist conducts an informal observation of the child. If a communication need is identified, parental permission is obtained and further testing is completed. Placement in the Speech & Language Support Program is based on the results of this evaluation.

What happens next?

After a student qualifies for enrollment in the Speech & Language Support Program, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed by the Speech Language Pathologist. This is a plan that addresses the areas that the child is having difficulty with and states goals to monitor progress.
When will my child exit the program?
Dismissal from the Speech & Language Support Program can occur whenever remediation is no longer necessary and the therapist, classroom teacher, and parent agree to dismissal.
Speech and Language Support Teachers
Mrs. Klocek
Mrs. Mary Klocek
Mrs. Klocek provides services at Sheridan Terrace Elementary School (x6270), Sunset Valley Elementary School (x6402), & Hillcrest Intermediate School (x5242)
Mrs. McLaughlin
Mrs. Amy McLaughlin
(724)861-3000, x6219
Mrs. McLaughlin provides services at Sheridan Terrace Elementary School, Hillcrest Intermediate School, & Norwin Middle School
Mrs. Pringle
Mrs. Kerry Pringle
(724)861-3000, x1616
Mrs. Pringle provides services at Hahntown Elementary School, Hillcrest Intermediate School, & Norwin Middle School
Ms. Weaver

Ms. Colleen Weaver
(724)861-3000, x6403

Mrs. Weaver provides services at Stewartsville and Sunset Valley Elementary Schools